Who we are?

Since 2010 Community Theatre Maastricht (Buurttheater Maastricht) creates theatre performances with and about the lifes of people living in the socio-economic less favoured districts of Maastricht. 

Members pay a yearly fee of €12,-

Currently active:

Community Theatre Mariaberg (since 2010), and Community Theatre Caberg-Wiemerink (formerly Daalhof and Pottenberg, since 2017) We hope to initiate new BTM-groups in other Maastricht areas, like Nazareth.

Mission of BTM 

To create and produce community theatre.

Offering a stage and giving a voice to residents who are less seen & heard, and rarely or not visit theater, or make use of the available cultural infrastructure of the city.


What do we do?

  • Professional theatre directors work together with social workers of Trajekt and residents in Maastricht. Together they produce ‘personal documentary’ theatre performances, to be played in various theatres.
  • A condensation or fragments of the integral performance are being played in community centres around the city, with in addition thematic talks, interviews and/or workshops for the local audience. This is called ‘BTM in de buurt’ (BTM in the/your neighbourhood)
  • Social workers are backing up the group and production- process. When individual guidance or interventions are needed, a drama therapist related to BTM can be asked for help.
  • Directors and social workers take members of BTM to professional theatre performances or other cultural events.
  • Directors and social workers help individual members to develop and expand their abilities and talents, such as advising certain courses, educations, assisting with job applications, and/or finding the right (financial and socio-emotional) support.

We’re working together, exchange, with- or are being supported by

  • Cultural Participation Fund
  • Trajekt
  • Opera Zuid
  • Theater aan het Vrijthof
  • Maastricht Theatre Academy (Toneelacademie Maastricht)
  • Maastricht Theatre Group (Theater Group Maastricht)
  • Culture Makers Maastricht (Cultuurmakers Maastricht)
  • District jury Maastricht – Female Economy (Wijk Jury Maasyticht)
  • Fashion Clash
  • Studium Generale

Performances, archive

Lifelike, recognisable stories, but in a real theatre performance, with an artistic design that brings that amazes and touches.

Huh …. Romans?

First performance, played in 2011 and 2012 at the KUMULUS theater, centre for arts and culture. A performance about domestic or street violence, and the inescapable implications of the background and history of the various actors. A tough, surrealistic theater play.

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Drei, twie, ein veuls diech al get?

Has played in the autumn of 2013. Real stories of real people, about longing for the past. A nostalgic, cozy but still rough play. This performance also played in Rotterdam at the International Community Art Festival, the ICAF, again with great success.

With this performance, BTM also travelled to the ICAF in Rotterdam. Here, too, the -also international- audience proved wildly enthusiastic.

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La Gran Esperanza

In 2015 speelde deze grote ‘vijfsterren’ operaproductie met Opéra Comique Maastricht en professionele operasolisten in de Bordenhal van Toneelgroep Maastricht. Over een rondtrekkend koor dat wordt opgehouden bij de grens.

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SJÖLD, Dao laot iech miech veur haange!

Played in 2017 at the small stage of the Theater aan het Vrijthof, about having to deal with depts, guilt and shame. The so called ‘silent poverty’ became a topic of a talk between residents and policymakers.


the real food at the table in our scene was brought to the shelter of the salvation army after each performance.

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NÈS, ‘ne f*cking escaperoom

Back in the KUMULUS theatre where it all started. A performance about the need for a safe ‘nest’. Again, six sold out performances and praise in our audiences’ reviews.

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GEWEENTES/ HABITS (conventions)

October 2023, community theatre Mariaberg performed the complete performance ‘GEWEENTES/HABITS’ at the Kumulus Theatre in Maastricht.

In the different neighbourhoods where BTM wants to settle, the COVID period and lockdowns had a major impact. We heard anger and disagreement among many residents about what was being introduced as ‘the new normal’. It was during that period; we started our interviews with our members about the question: what YOU consider to be ‘normal’. We had conversations about everyone’s daily habits and rituals, but also about faith, life, and death. This information was used to create the script for the performance in which a group of ‘researchers’ try to give the audience insight into what they think is normal.

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Brokjes Brak

On 1 – 2 – 3 FEBRUARY last, Buurttheater Maastricht Caberg had its 1st premiere and two more performances followed in a sold-out Studio Malpertuis. We started with 3 actors from Daalhof. And through word of mouth we quickly grew into a very diverse group; diverse in age and origin.

After a search we found a rehearsal space: the Wiemerink in Caberg. Soon it became about feeling at home, belonging somewhere and so the theme was born.

Home, your home, your broke. And all the stories we carry with us and take home with us. And are not visible. We started working primarily in visual terms so that we all convey the same visual language. Clad in moving blankets and surrounded by cardboard “moving boxes,” the players told their stories.
A brave process it was, sharing your story in a group is one but showing it in a theater (in a visual theater language) is two.

The 1st production can certainly be called successful. The group is now wagging its tail to get back to work on the next production. Right they are, they are far from being out-of-touch.

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Current employees and volunteers
  • Gina Mingels – Social worker Trajekt associated with Community heatre Mariaberg
  • Geerte Courtens – Social worker Trajekt attached to Community Theatre Caberg – Wiemerink
  • Hanneke Jonkers- Director Community Theatre Caberg – Wiemerink
  • Maureen van Eijsden- Occupational therapist
  • Herman van Asselt – Chairman of the board
  • Luc Dahlmans – Board
  • Mart Mooren- Board
  • Martha Rammers- Production
  • Jan Rammers – Production
  • Magdala Roijakkers – Assistant director, production
  • Tamara Volders – Assistant director, production
  • Nathalie Smeets – Assistant director, production, Collaborator Opera Zuid
  • Leonne Welie – Hood and visage
  • Kaat Vanmuysen – Assistant director
  • André Feijt – Light technology
  • Sterre Gilissen – Communication social media
  • Lente van de Luitgaarden – Communication social media
  • Marco Maessen – Webmaster & photography
Archive of former employees & volunteers
  • Tamara Jongerden – Director Community Theatre, artistic director
  • Nicolle Boumans – Board
  • Henk Geelen – Board
  • Roy Hulst – Community worker Trajekt, initiator of Neighbourhood Theatre Mariaberg, chairman of the board
  • Leonie der Kinderen – Occupational therapist
  • Daphne Agten – Director Community Theatre Wittevrouwenveld in formation
  • Nathalie Conaert – Maastricht Drama Academy trainee, Director Community Theatre Daalhof
  • Elise Linsen – Directorial assistance
  • Amélie Bottin – Trainee at Maastricht Theatre Academy
  • Nathalie Conaert – Maastricht Drama Academy trainee, director of Coomunity Theatre Daalhof
  • Amélie Bottin – Traineeship Maastricht Drama Academy
  • Andries Verslyppe- Trainee at Maastricht Drama Academy
  • Elisabet Severino Fernandes- Trainee at Maastricht Drama Academy
  • Tania Monteiro – Trainee at Maastricht Theatre Academy
  • Fred Boumans – Production
  • Roy Jacob – Production
  • Peggy Signet – Production, costumes
  • Ivo van Megen – Costumes
  • Eva Jongen- Costume design
  • Hanne Pierrot – Costume design
  • Sander Salden – Lighting design and engineering
  • Xavier Emmen – Lighting technology
  • Frank Povel – Sound design and sound engineering
  • Roderik Povel- Sound design and sound engineering
  • Fred Boumans – Décor, production
  • Chantalle Smeets – Trajekt social worker attached to community theatre Daalhof